All custom Swan Creek mailboxes and posts were provided by the developer and shall be requested and installed by the builder of the lot. The Swan Creek mailbox and post shall be maintained by the homeowner. The Swan Creek logo and the homeowner's address on the mailbox defines our neighborhood to all who drive through. The developer's intent was to continue this neighborhood characteristic for unity and neighborly appreciation to one another.

Replacement Swan Creek mailboxes can be ordered one of two options:

  • The UPS Store Fitchburg at 2935 S. Fish Hatchery Road (608-288-0957). Be sure to confirm your total cost of mailbox, taxes and shipping.
  • Because the cost of ordering individual mailboxes are very high, the Swan Creek HOA assists with coordinating a bulk purchase in early May. When voting proxies are sent out to all homeowners, mailbox applications are also sent out with a deadline to order during the first week of May. With a group order we are able to obtain a break on shipping and a bulk discounted rate. Typically, we are able to keep the cost of the bulk order to around $75/mailbox.

Mailbox post can be obtained through the original developer by contacting Sam Phon. The cost per post is $120.00.

To help maintain the original beauty of your Swan Creek printed mailbox the manufacturer recommends to periodically wash your mailbox with warm soapy water, followed by applying a coating of Armor-All UV Protection spray.

Posts and mailboxes shall be installed in accordance with the United States Post Office Department regulations. The requirement for a roadside mailbox shall be 41-45 inches above the road surface and 6-8 inches from the face of the curb or road edge.

If the city plow damages your mailbox the City may reimburse some of the cost. Please review the Fitchburg Mailbox policy.

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