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The SCHOA maintains neighborhood common area landscaping (the neighborhood sign areas and some traffic islands), enforcement of the covenants / bylaws and other business which is necessary to keep our neighborhood a great place to live.

We also provide relevant news, information and contact information for related subjects including a calender of events and contacts .


Swan Creek of Nine Springs is located in Fitchburg WI and only 10 minutes away from Downtown Madison. Major highways, shopping and businesses are close by. Swan Creek is a desirable community offering two spacious parks, a tennis court, other recreational facilities and friendly neighbors. Please join our board meetings to learn more about the neighborhood and to get more involved! You can find the covenants and bylaws or a map of our neighborhood by clicking on the respective link.


Get involved

Would you like to be involved and help keep Swan Creek a friendly and wonderful place to live? The Swan Creek Home Owners Association board seeks residents of the neighborhood to be on the Home Owners Association Board. We are encouraging Swan Creek neighbors to join the board and help continue keeping the neighborhood a desirable place to live. If you are interested please contact us at info@swancreek.us with your name, address, and phone number.


The Annual Swan Creek all neighborhood garage sale typically will be held the first weekend of June. Residents will have to provide their own signs. Please spread the word through social media.

We want Swan Creek to continue to be an ideal place to live, therefore please respect neighborly ethics of Swan Creek covenant restrictions and the Town of Fitchburg ordinances. When issues arise, please prompty discuss them neighborly and work to reconcile the dispute. Some important Town of Fitchburg ordinances and Swan Creek covenant highlights include:

  • No permanent storage buildings or fences.
  • Vehicles or trailers shall not be stored or parked on yards.
  • No extended length parking on street or in driveway of boats, trailers, campers or other equipment.
  • Storage of refuse cans must not be stored in front or side of home.
  • Resident yards must be maintained, and grass mowed to a height not to exceed 8".
  • No yard waste shall be placed in the e-ways, easements and natural areas.
  • Dogs must be leashed on neighbohood trails, in parks, sidewalks, or on private property without consent.
  • Dog owners shall pick up dog refuse from public and private property and properly dispose of waste.
  • Dog owners shall respect private property and refrain their friendly pet from destroying, defecating and urinating on private property landscaping plants and bushes.
  • Close lines and prolonged above ground swimming pools are not allowed.
  • Homeowners with driveway access to the alleys are also a member of the affiliated alley association that is responsible to pay for snow plowing, garbage pickup and general maintenance of the alley. Reference Map Outlots 27 & 28.
  • Driveways and sidewalks shall be shoveled free from snow within 24 hours after the end of a snow fall.
  • Sidewalks shall stay clear of obstructions.
  • Be aware of your speed when traveling through the neighborhood.

Additional security measures promoted by Fitchburg Police include illuminating outdoor lights overnight, be sure to lock all exterior entrances, keep garage doors closed, and lock all automobile doors when parked outside.

Please help to keep Swan Creek a great place to live by reporting any suspicious or illegal activity and picking up trash, maintain lawn/landscape and outdoor home appearance. Be proud and appreciative of the neighborhood we all live in.

Contact us

Telephone: +1 555 123 456 789

E-mail: info@swancreek.us

Address: 2905 S Fish Hatchery Rd, 53711

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